Fisherman on Dal Lake



Fisherman on Dal Lake

My trip to India was to travel with my good friend, my best friend in the whole world. We were to make our way to Ladakh, the Tibetan region of India. My good friend had to go back to Mumbai and I was left to travel on my own. To Kashmir I went, the capitol being Srinagar. After arriving I meet someone who set me up with a great place on Dal Lake. Dal Lake is the natural center of Srinagar where house boats float. The whole area of Dal Lake has houses and people living on the lake.

My second day there I was given a shikara ride through on Dal Lake. Shakiras pulled up to mine, offered things for me to buy. It was like being in a village on a lake. Just relaxing the rain started up. Off on the distance I was being told about the house who was owned by the mayor. The sun started breaking through from a distance, but the rain continued and a fisherman was just doing his everyday thing on the lake. It was calming and it was a wonderful story to document.

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