Sea Breeze



Sea Breeze

It was 6 am in the morning and we made our way to where San Francisco Bay meets San Pablo Bay, more specific to China Camp State Park. It was me and a group of photographers who get together each month to photograph an interesting place. China Camp State Park is definitely unique. Once a shrimping village of Chinese immigrants had some amazing views to photograph. It was chilling cold as the winter air bit at my nose. I was starting to use my new Olympus Camera for the first time. Because it was my first time using the camera I was spending more time figuring things out. This photo was taken with an ISO 2000 thinking it was set to 200 which made it really sensative to light, which was perfect for black & white.

The biggest thing that Black & White does well is show off character of a subject. That is when I came across Sea Breeze, a boat with a lot of character. You can see all it’s scars, and weathered paint. Sea Breeze has lived a long life. You can see that here in this photo.

This image is in Black & White and is available in landscape as a Photographic Print, Canvas, Acrylic and Metal.