Candy Delights on Dhal Lake Kashmir



Candy Delights on Dhal Lake Kashmir

When I asked my favorite place in the world to visit is I always tell them that Kashmir is on the top of my list. There is a reason they call it “Heaven on Earth”. With it tucked away in the Himalayan mountains it makes it one of the most beautiful and serene places to be.

Dhal Lake in the city of Srinagar is one of the most amazing examples of this calm and serene locations. Dhal lLake has house boats where you can spend you time away from the city. In the early mornings is a market where people sell produce and foods. I asked my bout taxi driver to take me to this in the early morning before the sun rose. They we left on the calm boat ride. People drift from one boat to another. I decided to dip into the candy vendor… because why not?

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