Pretty Kashmiri Eyes




Pretty Kashmiri Eyes

People ask me where my favorite place I have ever visited. Kashmir is on the top of the list. They call it “Heaven on Earth” for a reason. The place is like a slice out of a fairytale, with it’s amazing views and sense of magic. The people have also been some of the most welcoming people I have ever meet.

My guide in the area showed me around Srinagar, the capitol of the region, but also showed me his life. He showed me his house he was building and showed me his way of life. He took me to meet his family. That is where I saw his nieces eyes and how beautiful they were. I asked her if I could photograph her eyes. First she turned red, then ran off. I did not understand why. When she came back she had put makeup on and was ready for her photoshoot.

This story is available in color in wide (2:1) landscape orientation in as a Photographic Print, Canvas, Acrylic and Metal.