San Pedro Apostol Cathedral Cali



San Pedro Apostol Cathedral Cali

This story started out while arriving late for a walking tour of Cali. There I was at Ermita Cathedral and eventually walking with the rest of the group.

Sandra, the tour guide and operator of the eventually brought us to central town square. Across the street was San Pedro Apostle Cathedral, a grand cathedral that was beautiful on the outside. We entered the cathedral to a wide vast open area yet smaller looking than from the outside. The tour was leaving as I was taking photos, but I stayed behind to get the shot. Sandra then took us to to a language exchange at one of the most popular salsa clubs in Cali.

This photo is available in Canvas, Acrylic and Metal. It is unique because it works both as standard landscape but also in portrait (vertical). It is also available in wide view. Warning, large vertical prints may come out blurry due to cropping