Environmental Portraiture

What is…?

What is Environmental Portraiture?

Environmental Portraits, also better known as Lifestyle Portraits, is a style of photography that tells a story. It is one thing have a photo taken of you, but sometimes a studio headshot does not tell enough about a person.

What I have learned traveling the world is that people are more than their face. They are apart of their workplace, the hobbies they do, their home, family and friends. They are a part of their environment.

Environmental Portraiture puts an emphasis on the environment around a person equally as the person. This helps tell a full story and creates a unique photo.

  • Tell A Full Story

    Tell your complete story. Show everyone what you environment is like and what you do. A location tells much more of your full story.

  • Feel Comfortable

    Sitting in a cold studio with bright lights glaring at you can be daunting. When you are doing something you love in a setting you are very familiar with you don’t even notice the camera as we converse about your life.

  • Be Unique

    Have your photos stand out from everyone else’s. Nothing says unique like a photo of yourself in a beautiful location, even if it is just own your beautiful home.